WooHoo! I'm, sooo excited. Esomar registration kicks off at 4.00pm today, Toronto, ON, Canada.

On stand 33, Emertec is unveiling the RethinkCATI branding - there will be a great deal more information about the RethinkCATI initiative as the days go by (so watch this space!). This is part of a triumvate of releases from Emertec at this Congress, the others being the launch of the TITAN remote workforce management software and INVADE's CATI-lite.

We are really looking forward to meeting up with old friends, and finding new ones, I've managed to get to the first day of the Congress without walking into a glass door, so it is already getting off to a good start - though some may not recognise me without a black eye...

Anyway, stop by booth 33 and talk to me, Scott or Anthony. See you soon...


We think people talking to people is a brilliant Data Collection method. The quality and integrity of the data is high which is why telephone research is mandated for many complex projects. It’s clear though that telephone DC has lost ground to web. And we all know why. Of course, cost is a massive consideration, so we are on a mission to drive down the cost of CATI research.

We have brilliant partners; our cross company multi-discipline teams help Market Researchers release their CATI creativity. UK-based, but with clients in more than 40 countries, wherever you are and whatever size of operation, local or global we can work with you. Emertec’s proud of its long history with INVADE, and its part in the evolution of DaaS; and thrilled to launch the game-changing Wurkforce SaaS. These apps are independent of each other but supremely powerful together; white label, extend, integrate with existing packages or adapt solutions to suit your needs.


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